Ash Samuels

Ashlee “Ash” Samuels is a multi-disciplinary creative with expertise in brand strategy, design & visual storytelling.

She has been a creative force behind hundreds of companies, brands, public figures, campaigns, TV/Film productions and events.

With 15+ years of experience in brand development, content creation and event coordination, Ash has become a highly sought after figure within the athletic and entertainment community. Known for her individual-first approach, Samuels has solidified herself as a fearless innovator and resourceful consultant for numerous brands and public figures.

Still, Samuels’ passion for creativity pales in comparison to her desire to empower others to CRASH! the proverbial glass ceilings that they will undoubtedly face in their industry and brand journey. 

As a result of her personal experience as a collegiate athlete, Samuels is well-versed in the peaks and valleys of athletics. As such, she paired her athletic background and savvy for ideation to form CRASH! Creative as a resource for sports brands and athletes of all levels of their sport.

"Celebrate the people that spoke to the winner inside of you, before you started winning."